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After the Second Shinobi World War, she started gradually storing her chakra into the Strength of a Hundred Seal on her forehead.
Despite the superior forces against them, the Kage are able to combine forces against the original Madara, impressing him enough to use Susanoo's "Complete Body" form.
As her Anbu-bodyguards move in to protect her, Tsunade recognises the Deva Path as an orphan that Jiraiya once trained.
Although she assures him it is bound for Kusa, he warns her that he will need to destroy it if it threatens his village, which would complicate the relationship between Konoha and Iwa.The apparent victory is cut short by the sudden appearance of the reincarnated Madara Uchiha, who proceeds to decimate the Fourth Division.Before leaving, the Deva Path states it will show Konoha the pain that the rest of the world has known for too long.New Era The previous Kage reunite.quot;s (To Jiraiya about Naruto) " Jiraiya, are you the one who taught him the Rasengan?Tsunade tries healing him, fearing that he'll die just like Nawaki and Dan did.41 Tsunade healing herself with Creation Rebirth.Tsunade immediately notices the damage to his arms and, guessing he wants her to heal them, preemptively refuses.10 She has even broke through Susanoo, an " absolute defense with only a few hits.After the Recovery Team leaves, Tsunade is notified of the Konoha Special Mission Platoon 's defeat by the Sound Four, Sasuke's escorts.Sakura is reassured and Tsunade tells her she's happy to help, but she reminds Sakura that she's retired and that she should try to figure things out for herself.31 To a certain extent, her unnatural strength helps her in this regard, as opponents may avoid getting near her so that she cannot strike them.

22 When Jiraiya ended up dying during that same mission, Tsunade privately mourned for the loss of her dear friend and team-mate.
Their teams later report encountering the Three-Tails, which Tsunade decides must be dealt with to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.
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Even Madara Uchiha admits that Tsunade was worthy of being a Kage.She wears the First Hokage's necklace for many years until she gives it to Naruto.Once the grave robbers are all defeated, Tsunade pardons Sora for his actions and allows him to leave Konoha.She sends them instructions for a seal to place on the Three-Tails, some Konoha personnel to help perform the seal, as well as part of Katsuyu to provide additional assistance.Jiraiya guesses that Orochimaru made some offer to Tsunade.He died the next gokkasten gratis online 30 day, a casualty of the ongoing Second Shinobi World War, thus returning the necklace to her.Tsunade dreams of a Konoha where Dan is Hokage, where Nawaki and Jiraiya are still alive, and where Orochimaru never defected from the village.Tsunade's skills are popularly held as the reason for Konoha's victory during that war, and in the years following, became known as the world's strongest kunoichi.Tsunade doubted he believed his own words and she commented that he did not need to put on a brave front when he returned from Amegakure.