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The lever drag reel uses the drag to put itself into free spool.
On the outside of the reel there are two levels of knobs these are the spool release and the drag adjustment.
However, their additional weight, complexity and expense did not justify the advantage of faster line retrieval in the eyes of many anglers.
Reels with star blackjack online svenska spel drags generally have a separate lever which allows the reel to go into "freespool" by disengaging the spool from the drive train completely and allowing it to spin freely with little resistance.Generally, no matter who the manufacturer is, the smaller the supply spool the more likely there is to be coiling.Or more in order to cast a significant distance.The Orvis Story: 150 Years of an American Sporting Tradition.

It is very difficult to cast a conventional reel, most oven line is dropped behind a boat and left to drift.
New Year, New Reel, New Gift!
Strong drag system, perfect for long fight, higher gear ratio.The cast is performed by snapping the rod backward to the 2 o'clock position, then casting it forward in a smooth motion, allowing the lure to pull the line from the reel.7 Fishing reels first appeared in England around 1650, a time of growing interest in fly fishing.Baitcasters are known as multiplier reels in Europe, on account of their geared line retrieve (one turn of the handle resulting in multiple turns of the spool).There are four main drag systems that are used with the fly reel and these are the ratchet-and-pawl, caliper drags, disc drags, and center-line drags.