The latter also built city walls in the 15th and 16th centuries, and they remain intact today.
The foundations of a tower can be found in the roundabout at the Piazza Santa Chiara.
The later earth ramparts remain mostly intact, especially the enlargements built by order of Napoleon Venlo Limburg One or more individual structures (Bastions, gates, towers, etc.) remain.
Although partially demolished, sizable remnants of the city wall can still be seen, surrounding the upper town of Limbourg.
Zoutleeuw Flemish Brabant One or more individual structures (Bastions, gates, towers, etc.) remain.Southampton Wallingford Wareham Warwick Winchelsea Winchester "Walls fragmentary, but traceable throughout their length.Mas, pelo fato de muitos usuários começarem a partilhar os seus próprios lugares dentro do site, fez-me ver que o minube era um lugar muito mais personalizável, super útil para inspirar-se, como também para procurar o que visitar, ver, o que fazer em destinos recônditos.A portion of these fortifications is open to the public.The old city is completely enclosed by a line of earth ramparts, featuring five bastions.

Currently, various structures, including the arsenal, barracks, two gates, and several parts of the walls (transformed into a park) remain.
A large stretch of the medieval town walls still remains behind the church of Our Lady (Notre Dame) and the houses alongside the Rue Hoche.
Two gates, one castle in the sea (Koules) Ioannina - see Ioannina Castle Kastoria - fragmentary remains.The two original town gates are demolished, and an adjacent tower of one of the gates still remains.To the east remain two bastions.Torgau Überlingen Uffenheim Ulm an der Donau Villach Villingen Vilseck Vilshofen an der Donau Vellberg Volkach Waiblingen Waldenburg Waldfeucht Wangen im Allgäu Warburg (Westfalia) Wassertrüdingen Wemding Weikersheim Weil der Stadt Weilrod the only town gate still remains.Maienfeld Meienberg, Sins, Aargau Morges Münchenstein Murten : Medieval walls Neufchatel Nyon Olten Orbe Rapperswil Regensberg Rheinfelden Romont Schaffhausen Sempach Solothurn large parts still remain, including several walls, towers and a bastion.The wall has been restored and now includes a rampart for tourists.Other walls surrounding the centre of Durham survive between the River Wear, and the houses lining a number of thoroughfares: Sadler Street, North Bailey, South Bailey, and Palace Green.The bendy course of some of the streets surrounding the old town are vestiges of the bastioned ramparts of the post-medieval era.Szprotawa coxreels 100 series Szydów city walls with Krakowska Gate and watch towers built in the 14th century Tarnow Tczew Toru several watch towers, three city gates and some sections (the longest and most impressive from Vistula) from the 13th to 15th centuries Trzebiatow Trzcinsko-Zdroj Twierdza Modlin,.Bouillon Luxembourg Yes One or more individual structures (Bastions, gates, towers, etc.) remain.