They debated which would be the better destination: Denver or Vegas.
"When I send kids out russian roulette online game 2 player there, they are 100 percent ready for anything.").
"I would pick the best dealer in the building to learn a game from says Kallos.
"I will walk by a table and the girl dealing the cards is frowning he says.
"I work my ass off for these kids to make sure they get the best shot on the planet says Kallos, the school's founder and the town's unofficial.Dealing poker is an unsatisfactory career for those seeking substance in their future.One part of the job that Kallos still relished was working with young dealers to improve their skills."I work all my people very short hours to keep them fresh he says.Two of Kallos's traveling companions fled back to Nebraska.He warns them to resist the siren song of drugs and alcohol.Then an early mistake nearly ended things.It was, fittingly, a game of chance that brought Nick Kallos.Vegas is a different breed of cat says Kallos.If you have a bad attitude then you are costing me and everyone around you money.".

In the ensuing years he has hired hundreds of Casino Gaming grads.
He bought a pinball arcade, a gas station, and the bar.
After learning about Casino Gaming School in 1994 from a faxed advertisement, Zimmer asked Kallos to send him candidates for six openings at O'Shea's, a small downtown operation he was running at the time.
"It was gratifying." Kallos decided he was done with doing.
His boss gave him six months to prove himself on the Big Six Wheel of Fortune.Las Vegas was growing more corporate, and Kallos is not a corporate guy.I have dealt poker for seven years, although it is a great job for quick money, it leaves the dealer yearning for more out of life.Poker has taught me that there is more to life than easy money, but if thats what you're looking for then poker is the job for you!Prices range from 299 for blackjack to 799 for poker, which Kallos calls "an exact science." Each course typically takes 80 hours and extends over three weeks, with programs customized to suit student schedules.You are in the tips business, for god's sake!