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What has become normalised that you cannot believe?
Mssuekim1983 said they were only aware of one casino that allowed dealers to keep their own tips and free no deposit bonus casino netent that was an unnamed local casino.
They confirmed they received a 3,000 tip.
The dealer replied by stating that contrary to popular belief it was not actually very difficult.Dealers Are Only Human, it might appear that the dealers at the blackjack table are robotic and repetitive but they are still only human.Practice Makes Perfect, mssuekim1983 was asked how difficult it was to get a job as a dealer at a casino in Vegas.It is assumed these injuries are from dealing at the tables and not playing too much Call of Duty on the Xbox.Casinos use a lot of subtle methods to gain an advantage online casino best welcome bonus prism over their players but rigging the cards is not one.The dealer puts this paranoia down to players only remembering the harsh losses and taking the wins for granted.In any job where a certain physical action is repeated, the individual is at severe risk of suffering from a repetitive stress injury (RSI).Tipping wild panda gokkast Dealers Is a Controversial Issue.A number of posters questioned Mssuekim1983 about how much casino dealers earned through tips on average.Casinos prefer to take dealers on part-time so they can get an indication of how the dealers work.Dealers Suffer From Repetitive Stress Injuries.

Mssuekim1983 explains that the dealers actually want players to win and if the players ask for their help then they will offer any advice possible to help the player win.
Cheaters Never Prosper, when asked if he had ever witnessed cheating at the blackjack table, Mssuekim1983 acknowledged that he had experienced it on one occasion.
Proof that even if the dealer doesnt spot the cheats, the eye in the sky will.If you found out you were not human, but actually an ultra-realistic android programmed to think you were real, what clue should have given it away all along?So the opportunity to earn big money in the form of tips is there.One poster asked the dealer if they received a tip from the above mentioned 40,000 win.It is a debate that rages on across the internet too.Practising dealing is also a must with fluidity and confidence being something that will come over time.