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Unpredictable Work My work as HIV Counselor is unpredictable.
Mentor - This summer, I have a social work intern, so I spend a lot of time teaching her and helping her set career goals.Learning how to maintain boundaries with people dying of aids has been hard work, and I am ever mindful of Therese Randos (clinical psychologist and leader in the areas of loss, illness, and trauma) words that in this business, you either grow, or go!The same bodywork you know and loveplus hot stones!Tina Levin, Medical Social Worker, HIV Counseling Coordinator, Clinical Center, Social Work Department, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland.Within the field of social work, I came upon the medical specialty by circumstance.In addition, patients come to the NIH primarily for medical treatment and are not always open to my counseling.Figuring Out Feelings, my mother is a Holocaust survivor, and my father was an emotionally repressed man.My career goals are.(HIV stands casino gambling age north carolina for human immunodeficiency virus, which is the virus responsible for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or aids) This means I am the psychosocial expert, with regard to HIV, serving not only patients, but also staff and the community.I realized I wanted more contact with people, not with test tubes.Additional Roles: Supervisor - I supervise seven social workers on a variable schedule.

What I like best about my work is the opportunity to interact with people at a critical, and usually crisis-ridden, time in their lives.
For a time, I worked at the NIH in a cancer research lab, but it was not a good match.
For example, if a patient comes to the NIH to participate in a study, and a routine screening reveals that he or she is HIV positive; then I am called to counsel the patient.Another idea I have is to study the geriatric field, which has become interesting to me as I have watched my parents age.In my current role, I serve as an HIV/aids counselor and resident psychosocial expert on the topic.I chose to become a social worker and an HIV counselor because I can play a role in helping people become themselves.My fieldwork in school placed me in the burn unit of the Washington Hospital Center.