You get the same ticket for about 400 Pesos. .
Its not any further tonight that it was yesterday or the day before. .
Imagine a waar kan ik geld lenen met bkr stretch-limousine version of a speedboat and thats what this. .
Late at night in the first place? .Everyone just bum-rushed the small window and it was like being at the opening minute of getting tickets for a Who concert. .I kid you not.Meanwhile, the Super-Fast boat has a smaller, more compact cabin with a movie playing to distract you since there isnt much view from the window. .As I said, cheaper than Oceanjet but no need to advance book the ticket.what did you SAY?Okay, I made that last part. .Ill keep you posted on future travels and adventures as I meander about the islands so be sure to Subscribe at the top-right corner of the Site here.The Oceanjet because its simpler, a direct route with a large cabin space and great view of the ocean along the way. .

I hope you find my lbtsea site informative, entertaining and hopefully a bit of each.
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The LiTE Boat (Slow Ass Ferry).
This thing holds about 75 people and kicks-ass across the water. .Super-Fast Speed Boat: Pros: 45 minute ride to Tobigon, Bohol and only 240 Pesos each way.No mention of a midnight voyage. .So when we came to a red light, even though we were in the left lane I opened the door and got half-way out. .So what do I get for the extra 50 Pesos then? .The rest of the crowd was just interested in getting their own ticket and I was moved out of the way.I know that I am a sinner and I beseech your mercies as we travel these waters. .