I've pulled a few purples and blues out of there.
Was lucky enough to roll a 3x Marcus and received a particularly impressive automatic sniper rifle with a 25 shot magazine and sweet fire damage.
3 Vault Signs: Orange weapon.
Suicide Psychos use, and say "Boom time!".I'll rarely buy anything other than ammo and occasional insta-heals so my suspicion is that there is more money to be made in co-op.On rare occasions a jackpot will trigger that spews out around a dozen stacks of single eridium bars.Completing this challenge is purely down to random chance and will likely take many spins of the slots.Single Eridium online gokken belgie met paysafecard 838.3 Eridium bars: Stack of 4 Eridium bars.This is a completely normal grenade and will damage any player character in the blast radius, not just the Vault Hunter who actually used the slot machine.All non-pistol weapons from the side drawer.This challenge shares a name with the almost identical.Assuming that this value is randomly assigned, probabilities of winning can be obtained, although some winnings are locked until a certain point in the story.I play mostly solo, I'm at lv15 and have never had more than 5000 in my pocket at one time.GS News Update: Borderlands Studio Teases New Project And It's Probably Borderlands.

3 legs: Blue weapon.
The damage dealt by the grenade is scaled to the level of loot in the machine.
Borderlands 2 Slot Machine at Moxxxi's.Triple Eridium 75 437.48 Locations Notes If multiple players attempt to activate the same slot machine at the same time, all players will be charged, but the machine will only spin once.Another type of slot machine, Tiny Tina's Lootsplosion Slot Machine, was introduced in, tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.GS News - Battlefield 1 Gets New Guns; GameStops Switch Stock Limited!Skins, pistols, eridium, live grenades, and cash will be dispensed from the front drawer.Live grenades and eleven of the twelve eridium bars from a triple eridium reward will drop to the floor.See Also Sources Borderlands 2 - 2times triple eridium bars at slot machine Borderlands 2 - 2times triple eridium bars at slot machine: /jnxNl4QW3rM m/watch?The formula does appear to remain accurate across varying roll prices.