These were first used as advertisement and on Garcia Mitchell reels boxes and eventually used directly on reels.
There was an independent importer working under control of Ets Impecco Paris.
When used on a online gokkast hot shot reel with a skirted spool; it seams to designate Skirted Spool but Mitchell also made this kind of spool on other models without the "S" Suffix.
Mint A term used to describe the condition in appearance as near new looking with very tiny shelf wear only.To this knowledgeable group the difference as similar to comparing the casting characteristics of ordinary bamboo rods, and a technical split cane rod all before plastics and fibreglass of course.In the nineties Mitchell made the 310 with a UL Suffix which stood for Ultra Light.PRO Suffix A standard Mitchell reel made in the eighties by Mitchell Sports but improved in appearance, mechanically and with special packaging.Because of serious mechanical problems with the original versions, name and colour changes were required.Dual Series In 1971 Mitchell was celebrating 20 million reels being sold.There is insurmountable evidence that the first release did not come in a box and was given to select vendors by Garcia as a test market in the late fifties.Impecco France handled the other 85 countries around the world.

If one is expert at handling the reel and doesnt constantly get his line and lures or bait snarled in the bottom rocks or weeds, then the 300 consistently gave better casting distance potentialand that is what an expert angler is looking for.
Super Cap The first Mitchell 314 was advertised (only) as the Super Cap.
Pecos The Pecos reel was designed and sold by Pêcheur Ecossais, a fishing tackle shop in Paris, with the "assistance" of Carpano Pons.It was the predecessor to all future Auto Bails made by Mitchell.It was not ever a Garcia Europe though, purely British.First versions were Match Grade quality and also available was the 441A Lightning Cast in very limited quantities.Trigger Drag A trigger located under the reel on the Mitchell RD Rear Drag spinning reel series.These Special Wedge Stickers were first placed on rods special made for the Stickers.Garcia was not originally the Canadian distributor.For more information see the Collectors Gallery.You will also find several Galion series reels with the kilt insignia.