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This title is available for sale at The Preservation Team Shop!Publishing View, project Trolley Books, identity View, project Banzai Factory.Search expression for Software - ZX SpectrumSoftware - TimexSoftware - ZX81HardwareBooksANYthing show pictures and inlays list only.Original publication, commercial, original price.99, availability, available as both Perfect TZX and non-TZX.Publisher, zeppelin Games Ltd (UK re-released by, eDOS (UK author(s dented Designs (.Protection scheme None Additional info Appeared on side B of the compilation Sport Skill - Pack 5 (Zeppelin Games Ltd) Other systems This title was also advertised for and/or published on the Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 Score.00 (15 votes) Download and play 50,218 (Perfect TZX tape image) Original release S FruitMachine_9.tap.

Controls, keyboard, type, gambling: Games, message language, english.
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Identity gratis fruitautomaten spelletjes 3d View, project Used Architects, identity View, project Pete Mulhall.David Sanders, Tink machine type, zX Spectrum 48K, number of players.TXT 456 scrshot 40 r 6912 9ec f5df5e5e26ed8910.Website View, project University College London, website View, project Gavin Turk, website View, project Barry Flanagan Foundation, architecture View.Identity View, project Create London, publishing View, project Trolley Books.Website View, project Coffey Architects, publishing View, project Trolley Books, identity View, project Wieden and Kennedy, website View, project Philip Jones Griffiths Foundation, website View, project WN Studio.Also known as, arcade Fruit Machine, year of release 1990.