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Cocktail version a little less desireable.
Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command - Upright dedicated game 650-800.
Pong - Dedicated upright gokkasten gratis online kraken by atari only.
Altered beast - Upright/Conversion 200-350.Kangaroo - Dedicated upright game 300-550.Rally X online geld verdienen zonder investeren - Both Dedicated upright and cocktails 300-500.Area 51/Maximum Force - Combo upright 500-750.

Ring King I II - Upright conversion game 250-350.
So imagine owning one in your own home to play whenever you like, and share the experience with your kids.
Cocktail is about 350-500.
Centipede - Cabaret dedicated 400-500.Dragons Lair Anniversary Edition (Ultracade) - Upright game / plays DL/DL II/SA 800-1200.Devil Zone (Universal) - Dedicated Upright.Captain America (Nihon) - Dedicated / Upright game 350-400.Strider - Dedicated upright game.Taito rotatary games up in value!Time Killers - upright game.