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However, when outer bending was applied, the Ag network films were under tensile stress, as shown in the inset.
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( b ) Schematics.Shows resistance changes of the OC-Ag network film during a twisting test at a fixed twisting angle.The OC-Ag network film showed constant resistance as the number of twisting cycles increased, indicating that the slot-die coated OC-Ag network films had good flexibility.The purpose of the over-coating layer was to impart mechanical strength to the films and protect the Ag NWs layer from direct environmental exposure.

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In general, the sheet resistance of Ag NWs network is closely related to the density of Ag NWs.
Both the (111) end plane and (100) side surface plane of the Ag NWs were physically connected and provided conduction paths for electrons.
Shows the in-situ measured sheet resistance of OC-Ag NW films fabricated using a RTR slot-die coater as a function spel geld grijpen of pump frequency used to feed the Ag NW ink to control the density of the Ag NW network.Electrical and optical properties of slot-die coated OC-Ag NW films as function of pumping frequency to control the density of Ag NW network.During a 10,000 cycle rolling test, the OC-Ag network film showed constant resistance changes.Scattering intensity between 0 and.Using the RTR slot die coating system (.It is a machine shop that produces industrial and commercial machines and equipment.( c ) Sheet resistance of the slot-die coated.