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2 More sharply, more sharptly Your arms do twist!
Between yes and nay He even having swung from the belltower Took out the hook.
Thus the teenager feels Blood - until the lotus.
Which - entire Paris From navel to forehead wears!
High above your brothers are!Requirements for an Organization to Register.Than the reed louder, To you, speaking: "so-ul" Will tremble the air.You will not hear.May the whole world come to end - At night service I will stand.

In apathy's Stone-eyed cameo Like mother I won't Tarry in the door: (With heaviness of Blood, knees, eye - In the final earthly Time!) Not with a crawling wounded beast No, with a lump of rock To leave the door - From life.
Here you're tormented, My dear tormentess.
Screams fanatically, not warms Sun at noon.
Do not weights play and rage?Thus on the feathers I walk to the door Behind which is death.The salty wave - respond, respond!You pale-faced one, wear My rings' pair!With a Muslim dog you did lie!I have petted on a fur - And I have been missing angst!With the saw-makers, With the anvils, and Forehead - don't look back, Sigh - without a breath, To future I speak With the fiery sweat.To trunk of chestnut It is so nice one's head to lean!Bracelet of ancient turquoise On the stem, on This my white arm Narrow and long.X x x These my poems, written so early That I did not know then I was a poet, Which having tore, like droplets from a fountain, Like sparks from a rocket, Into a sanctuary, where there is sleep and incense Like little devils casino dealers school of colorado having.