Provides insight to db/rendering/total times, parameter list, rendered views and more.
Awesome_print The first thought that might come to you when you run any code in the rails console wedden op voetbal in krantenwinkel for the first time, is How anyone can read this?!
Js file structure and serves the libraries via the asset pipeline.
Youll notice, also, that oh-my-zsh asks you to install updates periodically, which is a good thing.Js gives structure to web applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects it all to your existing API over a restful json interface.The specs start running right away.Group :development do gem 'rb-inotify :require false # for OS X gem 'rb-fsevent :require false # for Linux gem 'rb-fchange :require false # for Windows end For guard-livereload, youll need to install the rack-livereload gem to see your changes live in the browser: gem install.It even adds the awesome feature of a live repl in the browser!

Zeus, one of the first things that made me love Ruby and (Rails by association and move away from Java was speed.
Heres the list of all available themes.
Rb They are known to cause issues when running with zeus: 1 2 - require 'rspec/autotest' - require 'rspec/autorun'.
Most established Rails developers already have a beloved workflow.However, if you are developing a rails.2 app, youll have to install the gem.Install Youll have to install guard gem first and guard-livereload by running this gem install guard gem install guard-livereload or you could add them to your gem file: group :development do gem 'guard' gem 'guard-livereload' end and then run this, which will create the Guardfile.Heres a demo site using active_admin Active Admin is a framework for creating administration style interfaces.Nearly all of the commands you normally run in Rails, you can now run in zeus.Oh_my_zsh is distinguished by its, themes which are cool and easy to customize, Plugins, and.Zeus preloads your Rails app so that your normal development tasks such as console, server, generate, and specs/tests take less than one second.