Several other characters from the show are named for Shakespearean characters, such as Banquo, Fleance, and Puck.
Unless the reel is old enough (pre-mid-1930s) to use slotted screws, it falls into the category discussed here.
It would add a great deal to my story when I show the piece to my friends.
In " Snowman is an Island Genie was seen turning into William Shakespeare again and Hamlet from Hamlet.
In fact, many of their models have been manufactured for over sixty years.Comparison with reels of known makers usually identifies the manufacturer.A : The Winona was made from the 1920s until slots 777 boom at least the late 1940s, but it can't be dated more precisely by the name alone.I don't know if he was related to Lawrence Benson.I found in my grandfather's and my great-grandfather's garages three reels.This page uses content from the English.After the number, Waldorf comments that he always regretted not studying Shakespeare as a boy.

When a group bought the company, it acquired, among other things, a huge inventory of reel parts.
It is marked with Benson-Reel and Pat.
It's probably safe to assume that most of the Terry reels we run across were sold after Terry's death.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to: navigation, search, the Shakespeare Company is a subsidiary.
Its first reel featured the overly complex level wind patented by William Shakespeare,., in 1897 (See.6, see also edit, references edit, retrieved from " ".The older models usually were made with nickel-plated brass, but after World War II, aluminum quickly became more widely used.On the bottom half.Many level wind reels from that period bear no brand names or are marked with names unfamiliar to most fishermen and collectors.Although a few of their very early automatic fly reels are sought by collectors, their baitcasters have little value.Later, however, the company acquired the rights to the 1907 level wind patented by Walter Marhoff, which was simpler and which eventually inspired most of the level-winding designs used by most of the other major manufacturers.Summits also were made for decades, and a lot of tackle shops still have stocks of parts for Pflueger baitcasting ladbrokes mobile casino no deposit bonus reels.