18 Wheeler / American pro trucker - Sit Down deluxe.
Legendary Wings - Conversion upright game 250-300.
Car Polo (Exidy) - Dedicated Upright.
W Wacko - Dedicated upright game.Both online blackjack ohne geld Blue and Teal version (teal is more rare).Cocktail goes for the same.Cyberball 2072 Tournament - Dedicated dual monitor version w/topper.Quality and Condition comparison: I have decided to add some pix to show the difference between games and value.

Runner - Dedicated sitdown game by Atari 500.
Offroad Challenge - Dedicated sit down.
Pandora's Palace - Conversion upright game 350-500.
Pop Flamer - Dedicated upright in a stern cab 500-650.
Donkey Kong - Dedicated upright game (Red Cab).U UN Squadron - Conversion upright game 200-350.Conversion Cabinet (Example) 2003 Golden Tee Fore!Atari best online video slots Football (X's and O's)- Cocktail game Collector price.Warrior - Dedicated XY game 5000.Darius Gaiden (Taito) - Upright / Conversion.You do not need to login to vote.