zeus vs rails

Running Rails Generators and Rake Tasks Under Zeus.
Unshift 'rspec' require 'rubygems' require 'zeus' load n_path zeus 'zeus.
8 tests, 8 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips real 0m6.265s user 0m0.072s sys 0m0.020s, confirm that spring is running: spring status, spring is running: 2990 spring server gdc4 started 43 secs ago 2991 spring app gdc4 started 43 secs ago test mode.
I remove cucumber in favor of, rSpec and Capybara.
Javascript_driver :webkit false Capybara:tosave_on_failure true fore each, type: :feature) do Capybara:tosave_on_failure tadata:screenshot end # If you're not using ActiveRecord, or you'd prefer not to run each of your # examples within a transaction, remove the following line or assign false # instead of true.If you are going to run your tests for the first time just run Zeus server first and then choose the tests to run: Tests are run under Zeus: If your tests have been run before with no Zeus started and the corresponding run/debug configuration.Unshift 'cucumber' require 'rubygems' require 'zeus' load n_path zeus 'zeus vendored_cucumber_bin Dir rst if vendored_cucumber_bin load else require 'rubygems' unless ENV'NO_rubygems' require 'cucumber' load Cucumber:binary end #!/usr/bin/env ruby require 'simplecov' art # Suppress zeus' whining about how it won't use gratis spelen op gokkasten oldtimer your rails_ENV lete rails_ENV #.Remove either of these lines in spec/spec_helper.Testing with Zeus, no matter what tests you use, Rspec, Cucumber, Test:Unit, or Minitest, you can run them under Zeus.If the server is started all the Rails generators and Rake tasks are running under Zeus.Go "plan "boot "default_bundle "development_environment "prerake "rake, "runner "r "console "c "server "s "generate "g "destroy "d "dbconsole, "test_environment "cucumber_environment "cucumber, "test_helper "test "spec "t "rspec "testrb "coverage "cov" #!/usr/bin/env ruby require 'simplecov' art # Suppress zeus' whining about how it won't use your rails_ENV.Module UserSessionHelper def current_user @current_user end def login(usernil) if l?

Rb if they exist: require 'rspec/autorun' require 'rspec/autotest'.
End end env zeus start "command "ruby -rubygems -r./custom_plan -eZeus.
Menu and choose scaffold : After setting up a new model name and fields all the necessary files are generated with zeus generate scaffold command: Now the Rake command (Tools Run Rake Task.) can be invoked: Migration is done with a help of Zeus.Zeus is a gem aims to significantly speed up Rails development.Finished tests.132677s,.2968 tests/s,.2968 assertions/s.Rails run/debug configuration : Now run the configuration: If Zeus server is not started, the default Rails server will be started instead.Rb zeus rspec spec/models/user_spec.If you must use the ruby command, however, youll want to do the following: require 'rspec/autorun this tells RSpec to run your examples.Configure world(UserSessionHelper) if respond_to?